By engaging a family lawyer, you are making an investment in you and your family’s future. We take your engagement seriously and maintain open communication and transparency so that you are fully informed of costs involved.

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Mostly figured out

If you’ve already come to an agreement and you just need someone to draft or review the settlement documents, we offer a fixed fee for this service.

Not quite there

If you need help coming to an agreement or with negotiating and advice on your rights and entitlements, we can help. Once an agreement is reached, we can draft or review the settlement documents. We give you a fee estimate for the negotiations and advice and a fixed fee for the drafting/review.

Nowhere Near

You need to file urgent court proceedings or the other person has already filed court proceedings against you. We fix our fees for drafting court documents, court hearings and provide an estimate for negotiations, advice and other parts of the court process.

None of the above?

We can chat further about a fee arrangement that is more suitable to your specific situation.

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