Intervention Orders / Family Violence

Intervention Orders (IVO) have become commonplace in family situations and separation. An IVO quite often has an effect on parenting cases and in some situations financial property settlements. Our family lawyers are experienced in handling IVO matters with sensitivity and discernment in light of your separation, parenting and financial matters.

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If you are facing an Intervention Order (IVO) application, you may already realise the significant impact it has on your life. It restricts what you are allowed to do, including where you can go, what you can post online and even what you could say to or ask of someone else who’s not protected by the IVO. Even a mistaken or minor breach of an IVO is serious. It is a criminal offence, of which if you were found guilty, could result in a criminal record, fine and even imprisonment. We are experienced in helping clients successfully navigate through the pitfalls and risks of IVOs.

Unfortunately family violence is an all too widespread experience and you may be finding yourself needing the protection of an IVO. We sensitively assist survivors of family violence in applying for IVOs and also have a strong network with community workers and services that we can connect you with. We take a holistic approach, not just the legal one.

Whether you need the protection of an IVO or are facing an IVO application against you, our family lawyers are experienced in working through this delicate area of law.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is usually (but not always) an exception to your IVO condition that allows you to see your kids if you have a written agreement or parenting orders allowing you to do so. It is a delicate situation and so you should obtain legal advice about your options.

While having an IVO made against you doesn’t itself mean that you have committed a criminal offence, a breach of an IVO is a criminal offence of which, if found guilty, would result in a criminal record. An IVO itself may also show up in a police check.

If yours or your children’s safety is in immediate danger, you should call the police on 000. You should otherwise consider contacting a domestic violence helpline such as Safe Steps or 1800RESPECT. Our lawyers can also put you in touch with community workers who can assist and connect you with necessary supports. From a legal perspective, we can assist you to apply for an IVO or otherwise advise you of your options to best ensure that you and your kids are safe.

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