July 21, 2022

Our Vision Statement


To achieve constructive and efficient family law resolutions to empower clients and their families to flourish into the future.


A constructive resolution means one that is beneficial and holistic. It’s one that at first instance, seeks an amicable outcome and where possible, amicable relationships going forward. It’s an outcome that you won’t regret. It is not one which throws aside all else to “win at all costs”. These approaches result in harmful and destructive outcomes, with the only “winners” being the lawyers, and the “losers” being the separating parties and their children.


An efficient resolution means one that is cost-effective and doesn’t drag on longer than it should. The longer a family law matter remains unresolved, the more stressful, complicated and expensive it is likely to become. Conversely, an efficient resolution helps parties resolve their financial ties promptly and set themselves and their children up for the future with less time “in limbo”.

Flourishing into the future

We see ourselves as part of the “bigger picture” to empower clients and their families to achieve wellbeing and flourishing both now, and into the future. While a constructive and efficient family law resolution is a critical part of achieving this “bigger picture”, it’s not the only part. This is because separation isn’t just a family law challenge, it’s a life challenge.

Therefore, in order to achieve our Vision, we approach each matter holistically; we truly listen to and understand each client and their situation; we consider what clients and their families need; and we have established networks with other professionals who may also play an important part in the bigger picture, including accountants, financial advisors, brokers, counsellors, and community workers.

Why, how and who

Our Vision reminds us why we do what we do. Our Core Values inform how we do what we do. Together, they represent who we are as a family law firm, and as people.

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