August 3, 2022

Schooling disagreements – more than NAPLAN/ATAR results

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Where separated parents disagree on the school that their child/children should attend, the solution is more complicated than simply comparing the academics, or NAPLAN / ATAR results of each school. Also, a private school doesn’t automatically “win out” over a public school.

The overarching consideration a court must consider is what’s in the best interests of the child. In reaching its decision about schooling, the court often considers various factors including:

  • What are the custody arrangements and where are the proposed schools relative to each parent’s residences?
  • What intentions were expressed prior to and after separation? What agreement was there, if any, prior to or even after separation?
  • Which school offers a curriculum that’s better suited to the child?
  • Where is the child’s current network of friends and extra-curricular activities based?
  • How old is the child and what wishes have they expressed?

One such case which considers the issue of schooling is the case of Re G: Children’s Schooling [2000] FamCA 462 

This being said, prior to the dispute being brought before the courts, parents should first try and resolve their dispute through mediation, or even obtaining a private family report from a family consultant in relation to schooling. As a last resort, proceedings can be issued in the Family Court.

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